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With the stroke of a pen, the Murugappan family was liberated from Sri Lanka!

On provisional visas, asylum-seekers Priya and Nades Murugappan are permitted to return to their hometown of Biloela on the Sunshine Coast. They escaped their own country’s harsh and dangerous circumstances to Australia in quest of refuge. They have discovered serenity and safety in Biloela. However, he abruptly ended the call when they called their legal counsel.

Priya said, “He did not grasp our narrative.”

The legal procedure had permitted the family to enter Australia and await their court case, but they were refused permanent protection and deported in the meantime. Twelve years were spent fighting for the asylum seekers’ right to return to Australia. With the assistance of transitional visas, the family will be allowed to return to Biloela while their court case is pending.

The couple left Sri Lanka for 12 years

The Australian government currently prohibits permanent residence for Sri Lankan boat migrants. The ruling is a defeat for the two Tamil families who have been living in exile for twelve years. They dreaded returning to a place where they would be exploited, harassed, and sexually abused. The OHCHR has advised the government to establish a truth-telling commission, similar to the one established in South Africa after the end of apartheid.

In Biloela, they found peace

Priya and Nades created a new life in Biloela despite their difficult circumstances. Priya escaped Sri Lanka 18 years before her 2013 arrival in Australia. Since then, she has not returned to her own country. But because of the intensity of her affection for Nades and his children, they agreed to meet in Biloela. They married and settled down in Australia. They have two daughters; their names are Kopika and Tharnicaa.

In an emotional statement, Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett said that the Tamil asylum seeker’s family discovered serenity, safety, and love in the northern Queensland rural community of Biloela. He noted that reuniting the Murugappan family with their house was the priority. 

Additionally, the Teal Independents have shown their support for the family. The Coalition has not yet committed to returning the family to their home.

Got temporary Australian visas

The Australian government has given four family members of a Tamil asylum seeker temporary visas, enabling the family to pursue permanent residence in Australia. This complies with Australia’s immigration regulations. Numerous Australians have applauded the decision. 

In recent weeks, the tragedy of the Murugappan family from remote Queensland has gripped the hearts of Australians. They sought shelter in Australia after escaping the civil strife in their native Sri Lanka.

Authorised to return to Biloela

The interim minister of home affairs, Jim Chalmers, said that the Nadesalingam family might relocate to Biloela, Queensland. The family will dwell in Biloela while they pursue permanent residence. The decision followed the Murugappan family’s struggle to return home.

Mr Chalmers talked with Angela Fredericks, Bronwyn Dendle, and other supporters at Biloela around lunchtime on this day. 

The Biloela family was awarded bridging visas to remain in Australia for up to one year while pursuing permanent residence.