International Yoga day couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With the easing of  COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in Queensland, more than twenty yoga enthusiasts turned up for a morning session at Roma Street Parklands. The event was  organised by the Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland (FICQ) on the morning of June 21.

The yoga session, conducted by yoga instructors from the Art of Living Foundation, consisted of twenty asanas (postures).

The event was attended by participants from different professional backgrounds, with some already practicing advanced levels. Tejaswini Patil, an IT consultant, practices yoga daily and found respite from bad posture developed when working on a 10-12 hour schedule. “In the beginning, everything seems difficult. With practice, it becomes easier. I practice Vinayasa Yoga. It is a flow yoga, where each flow leads to a different SuryaNamaskaram. Every asana is modified to have a combination of traditional yoga as well as Hatha Yoga and Iyenger Yoga,” she shared.

Alexa Gradovich is another participant who believes that yoga plays an important role in her life. Being a yoga instructor herself, she was satisfied with her morning session. “As a yogi, I do celebrate international yoga day every year and was looking for events that promote it. I do it every day to bring my senses into balance and bring beauty into the world,” said Alexa.

The serene  and picturesque location of Roma Street Parklands provided the perfect spot for a yoga session. “We just love the fact that you are using our beautiful park right here at Roma street parklands. We are thrilled that for international yoga day which is fantastic day right across the world to celebrate. How lovely that we are in Brisbane, right here in Roma Street Parklands -enjoying what is going to be a fantastic morning.

“We know that Brisbane city council loves its multicultural communities. We know that we are going to continue supporting our communities. We know that lot of the communities have worked really hard in the last few months. We just love that everyone is reaching out and being there for each other. I think Yoga is just one of those epitomises those side of feelings,” said Vicki Howard, councillor for Brisbane central ward.

Mrs Archana Singh, Honorary Consul of India, concluded, “Yoga has been recognised by the whole world. This single movement is going to be key to world’s future for the alleviation of human suffering and also, to achieve positivity and well-being. It empowers each one of us to do our bit in achieving not only perfection for ourselves, but also for peace and harmony for the world around us.” She shared a quote she recently read, “Yoga is a dance of every cell of your body to the music of your soul.”

Liberal-National Senator Paul Scarr conveyed his appreciation for work done by group such as FICQ during the pandemic.  “You have helped a lot of people and it is greatly appreciated. This country could not respond in the way it has without groups such as FICQ doing such community work,” said Senator Scarr.